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Queens Pot-Growing Firefighter Gets Five Years
Just because you may have saved some lives doesn't mean you get to grow all the drugs you want. It's a hard lesson that Queens firefighter Patrick Murray learned.
Tue, 25 Jan 2011 20:00:22 -0800

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LED Grow Lamps.

LED Grow Lamps.......Are they any good?

In our humble opinion they are a godsend for any horticulturist or indoor gardener. The benefits of using these lamps out weigh the extra costs of initial purchase for most people. Prices are coming down fast and rather than replacing your old gear, we would suggest a mixture of LEDs/MH or HPS for larger grow rooms. 12v LED grow lights and a solar setup will allow small grow rooms to be set up in sheds, on boats, underground, up the allotments, in caravans, etc.

A LED Grow Lamp in use in the Wrong Shop lab. Great for propagation lamps.

The Benefits of using LED Grow Lamps.

Energy efficiency permits LED grow lights to pay for themselves in electricity savings. They currently saves 50% to 90% in energy consumption, compared to incandescent bulbs or fluorescent tubes. Typically 4 bulbs (equivalent to 500-600w) will use 60w of power. No more sky high electricity bills and tips offs to the Authorities.

Cooler running, no need for air conditioning or temperature monitoring(ideal for small spaces). We do of course suggest monitoring your grow enviroment at all times and having a fan on in the 'Dark' period of grow cycle will increase THC/stickyness. LED grow lights can be placed 3 - 6 inches away from plant matter without burning. Heat leakage through roofs/windows has spelt the end for many grow ops.

Light dispersal, LED lamps are reflective themselves and little light is wasted. Grow rooms do not need to be covered in reflective material, just ensure lights are about 6 inches from the top of the plants. Wide angle projection insures uniform leaf coverage when used in close proximity to the plants.

Light spectrum, LED grow lamps produce both Red and Blue light. You need the Red light for flowering and blue for the vegetative growth stage. They produce both frequencies in the right quantites and allow maximum levels of photosynthesis for food production, growth and flowering. This means no need for seperate bulbs and decent yields.


We believe LED grow lamps are ideal for most grow operations. Obviously quality varies amongst different brands. Make sure you check the specs before purchasing, as higher price does not mean better bulb in this day and age. Prices vary greatly online, from �35 (14w Led =150w normal bulb) and up. They are excellent for small spaces and we believe them to be less of a fire risk.

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