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Planners approve marijuana changes - Clare County Review

Planners approve marijuana changes
Clare County Review
The Clare City Planning Commission accepted the changes made to the new Medical Marijuana Ordinance at their meeting Wednesday evening. ...
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South San Francisco holds off lifting medical pot club moratorium, seeks more ...San Jose Mercury News
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Delta County Independent -The Union of Grass Valley
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The Different Types Of Cannabis and Marijuana

Below we have reviewed the types of Cannabis on sale in the UK. We will be adding some more info and types soon....

Pollen Pollen
Better than the crap Soapbar on sale in the UK. It ranges from 'Good' to 'Excellent'. Prices range from �80-�120 an ounce.

Skunk Weed Skunk Weed
Nice taste, high THC content...You can't go wrong with Skunk Weed. Skunk Weed generally goes for �120-�150 an ounce at present. But watch out a lot of dealers 'steam' the weed to make it weigh more.

Soap Bar Soap Bar
Soap Bar. This crap is made specially for the UK market. Generally not worth buying. It goes for �30-�50 an ounce and contains about 5% cannabis. Other ingredients include dog shit, wax, plastic, sleeping pills etc. It is also often cut with Henna.

Soap Bar Red Seal
Red Seal and Gold Seal are two of our favourites here at cannabisnews. Expect to pay around �80 an ounce if you can find it. It was all you could get around London in the early 90s. How times have changed. Usually has a pepper like flavour and mongy buzz. Not to be confused with more expensive soft puff.

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